when a taurus woman meets a leo man

March 21, 2007

The Leo man 
Leo men are larger than life. Even humbler Lions manage this. The Leo man often radiates charisma, and whether you like him or not, you can’t ignore him. There are quieter Leo men around who don’t make a great roar about their specialness. But when you get to know such a man, you’ll find that inwardly he’s just the same, with the same need for self- mythologising deep within him. Don’t be fooled by quiet, shy Leos. They’re Lions nonetheless. And that quality of intense self-consciousness, of always feeling as though some special destiny awaits them, permeates even the most introverted Leo’s soul.

The Leo man is often attracted to an earthier partner. This can be a wonderfully creative combination, and it can also be a disaster. When it works, the Leo man looks for a stabilising influence in his partner, and can achieve a better contact with mundane reality through the relationship. When it’s a disaster, the trouble usually comes from Leo’s tendency to undervalue detail and the things of ordinary life. When he takes this stance, he’s liable to treat his partner as unpaid secretary and domestic help. In that case he usually winds up with a very angry and resentful partner, or, equally commonly, no partner at all.

Leo the romantic can sweep you off your feet. His attitude toward love is neither timorous nor restrained, and those grand gestures – whether they’re gifts, magical journeys, or dramatic declarations of emotion through poetry or song – are irresistible. A Leo man can make his partner feel totally loved and desired.

Often the Leo man has a large and persistent crowd of admirers. Even if he’s not conventionally handsome or successful, there’s something fascinating about him. The trouble usually starts once the romance begins to be tempered by everyday reality. The Leo man doesn’t warm to the idea of his partner having a life where he isn’t right at the centre. Many Leo men become deeply resentful when their partner shows too much interest in a career or an independent array of hobbies, interests, ideas or friends.

Leo needs to feel that he’s the Sun around which your Moon orbits. If you suddenly take off and start shining with a light of your own, he’s liable to get a little sullen. At worst he may try to stifle you because his own self-importance is threatened. It’s hard (although not impossible) for the Leo man to not only acknowledge his partner’s need for independent creative expression, but also his own need for an individualistic partner. He can only really do this if he’s standing firmly on a ground of solid self-esteem.

The Lion doesn’t change his habits or viewpoints easily, and certainly not because someone else has told him to do so. If you try to reform a Leo man, you’re wasting your time. He can be stubborn, and his pride won’t allow him to acknowledge the wisdom of your advice. His business is to give advice, not to receive it. On the other hand, faith in him and his dreams, confidence in his talents and acceptance of his sometimes childlike need for constant reassurance and attention, can work wonders.

A Leo who knows he’s believed in can work miracles. If you’re an independent, self- contained type, the Leo man can be a problematic partner. He requires lots of time, love, attention and devotion. Who ever heard of a hero who hides in the background while his partner fights the battles? If you need badly to be recognised as a special individual in your own right, a little fur may fly if you make a home with the King of the Beasts. On the other hand, if you’re the self-effacing martyr type, Leo isn’t for you, because he likes you to be as royal as he is. He needs to take pride in his partner as well as in himself.

Nothing can match Leo when it comes to sheer life and vitality. If you want a partner you can respect, admire and take pride in, then Leo’s the man for you. He’s not just anybody, after all, and he’s a living contradiction to the old saying that all cats are grey at night. He’s himself, unique and unrepeatable.

You are a Taurus 

Ferdinand the Bull, in the famous children’s story, is a loveable creature and a perfect Taurean. He amuses himself by smelling the flowers, listening to the birdsong, and enjoying the summer breezes. He’s easily contented, at home in his pasture. Then one day he sits on a flower, and on the flower is a bee…You can work out the rest. The story of many Taurean lives runs along these lines. There’s lots of contentment, and you can appreciate the beauty in life more than any other sign. But there’s always that damned bee.

A few words encapsulate your fundamental nature: peaceful, serene, pleasure-loving, calm, thorough, stable, sensible. The famous Taurean patience isn’t built on discipline; it’s the patience of nature, of the Earth itself. There’s no doubt that you like your security in tangible, unchanging forms – like gold bullion, or valuable antique furniture, or a really superb Ferrari.

Wealth of a non-corporeal kind (like dreams, self-understanding, and other invisible commodities) is not really wealth to a Taurus. Security is what you can trust, and what you can trust is what’s physically real and doesn’t change.

Taureans are realists. You aren’t ambitious in the usual sense of the word, and you’re happy to remain the unseen power behind the throne -provided it gives you pleasure and earns good money. You know that you can’t eat laurels, and fame can’t fix a leaky roof. The problem with all this reality is that you may miss what’s not visible to the earthy eye.

You value simplicity, consistency and basic facts, but much of life -including the mysterious depths of love – is neither simple nor consistent. Taureans are often frightened by what they can’t see or hold in the palms of their strong, capable hands. You’re an undeniably sensuous creature, not only in the sexual realm, but in anything that pleases the senses.

Taureans often have real creative talent at painting, design or music, and you’ve got the patience and common sense to make the best of your gifts. Life in an artist’s garret may not appeal, but then, you don’t mythologise yourself and are pretty shrewd about assessing just how big or little your talent is and how you can best achieve satisfaction without sacrificing comfort. You’re wise enough to know that there are no free lunches, and that it’s enough to do what you do well. Aspirations to save the world or write the great novel of the century aren’t your style.

You aren’t interested in anything cheap, and that includes your choice of mate. Quality counts. Although you have a sentimental, gentle, romantic streak, you’ll still want to check a prospective partner’s references. Sometimes you’re so entranced by physical beauty or material success that you miss what lies underneath. Sad to say, many Taureans are hopelessly ensnared by appearances. Yet what you value you cherish, and you’ll hang on with both tough fists.

Taureans stand by their loved ones. You may not always understand their motives, but you’ll remain loyal regardless. All that steadiness can sometimes lead to complacency. That’s where the bee comes in. It seems to be a necessary part of Taurus’ life pattern. Without the occasional sting, you can remain charming but childlike. Life can seem terribly simple to you, stark black and white with no shades of grey in between.

The bee (which usually takes the form of a disappointment in love, or a big financial crisis) awakens your capacity for tolerance and wisdom. It’s a lovely combination, once achieved. Then you can fathom the deepest realities of life and can also empathise and remain open to the realms of the imagination and the heart. And that’s the greatest form of wealth there is.


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  1. deeviant77 said

    a life share …

    i had the most glorious and unforgettable 6 months in my life with a king… a LEO man. well, i just find out. HE actually loves to chase when he got curiosity and a knack of a girl he intend to. very like mars, and me a taurus woman, i felt like am a venus, his princess, found my knight with shining armor, blazing my cold bored life with his sunny passionate affection. It is right, that he is loud :), bright, playfull, funny, highly-innitiative,quick witt, very helpfull and very generous! but.. in the other side, he can be VERy moody, and shelfish… when it comes to his ego. No DRAMA, but him…he simply can’t tolerate that… bcoz he’s the only DRAMA alives! remember??:). …And when ‘this storm’ happens… we just can ‘confront’ him, we better away, dont be like drama queen, just put your ‘pride on’, stay cool and collective, show just ‘a very efective’ anger strike, not too much… and walk away, leave him alone…so ladies… dont ever ever show ‘your overdramatic weakness’, neither shown up too much GEALOUSSY ( he hard to tolerate that since he’s so popular and it means it’s a part of consequences we have to tolerate…)… he more appreciate that… becoz.. later on, ‘after his stormy weather’s over this actually’ sensitive big softy’ Leo man, will realize his ‘attitude problem’ and make peace to you… he will sincerely appology ( it takes all his pride also u know 🙂 and if he do that it means he get into you so well).. and back to his repent, treat you as a Queen! worth for appology 🙂 .. it does take a patient…another thing for LEO, he loves PASSIONATE woman but with a decent talk and good manner, but without ‘faking’ it, becoz he just know… and he is so ‘tricky’ to show his’pridefull’ gealousy…one example, when i was talking about one of my male best friend or could be my ex, or could be another powerful male u just adore ‘but him’, he will not listen to it ‘in focus’like the way if you share your personal problem :)), coz, he just cant take a competition 🙂 .. yes indeed, he loves you more when you showers him with gentle affection, sincerity, and praise! and… it will cost you a great NOVELTY sex of a century!! ohh… i just cant explain it with words :)))… but that’s it, for him, sex is not a matter of ‘quantity’ but more like a one BIG time of sensuality, A one big BANG quality, he loves to do it with feeling… he would love to try and takes your order! so ladies, this is a PERFECT time to conquer a lion’s heart :)… do him an order! he will give you ‘generously’ and breathlessly sweet-obnoxious treat you ever imagine… 🙂 but… after that you will find a ‘lazy lion’ crave for his private ‘do not disturb’ time… he will get offended if u demand more in a same time! ( i told u he’s sensitive… and he’s not a TAurus man who well known with his ‘endurance’, oh,pardon me :))… give him some time to gathered his ‘energy’, since he needs ‘ imagination and GOOD MOODS’ for love :)…be patient… now, what i miss now… when we get sperated in distance… is, this LEO man can be only you King when you around, and he is so REALISTIC and PHYSICAL that he has no extra patient to ‘wait’ for distance to commit :(… that’s his weakness, may be that could be a part of his ‘invisible possesivity’… he needs to love you when you are by his side!… sigh… i feel alittle bit dying here…but i believe, and once he admit that ‘he loved me’… that i definetally had a ‘seat’ on his heart… another weakness point of Leo man, since he might be a generous person in ‘doing’, but not so ‘generous ‘in saying i love yous to his woman… he shows it by breakfast in bed, or simple helpful things like a soft kiss, and massage, he really has a magic finger… and when he said ‘i love you’.. that would be so honest.. and luxurious…. dear, God.. please help me… i miss him.. and dying to meet him again…right now, we have somewhat this ‘pause’ … bcoz, he needs time to re-think, becoz he’s been cheated by his previous relationship, bcoz of this ‘long distance issues’… and he kinda traumatic of that, and to our’ new long distance’ phase…he thinks, that he cannot feel responsible to me when im not around ( funny right?) … and he cannot have a promise to give everything i need if im not around, meanwhile i need time to preapare to spend my life time to him, coz my taurus pride cant take for clinginess… do you think he will come back with ‘extra’ patient for waiting? help.. what more should i do… i just realized that im in love with him so much…

    • katie said

      leos always stay in contact with people he cares about. i have a leo boyfriend for two years and till the day i met him he was still talking to his ex from highschool 4 years after they weren’t together. so i no for a fact he will always be there. even if u don’t hear from him and u miss him he will always answer you and be there to talk to u.

    • Petar said

      i had a taurus girlfriend a month ago when she suddenly broke me up after 2 long years, and the reason she told me is that she stopped loving me(which i doubt it)… we never split eachother mostly the whole time we were together coz we live in a 5 min walking distance and also we were hearing eachother on mobiles, the above mentioned are very true but is there any secret lets say in taurus where u can do something to lets say convince her the he is wrong to make him feel the same as in the begining

  2. Georgiana said

    He will girl…i hope he will.i have such a pasion for a leo too but i am married lol…and i guess i did everything to “not impress”him hehe..is hard now that i know he will never want to be with me!
    Your relation was perfect…and i mean it,and i envy you for your sexual experience with him…i never got to have it!
    i will pray for him to go back to you because maybe i will find myself in that “new” relationship..
    sounds great?

  3. Taurus Beauty said

    When I Taurus woman meets a Leo man one word RUN!!! Lol I’m just kidding but I’m really not. The sex will be amazing and with hime being possessive he’ll want to keep you around because of it but thats were it ends. Sorry the Leo personality is very strong maybe even too strong they can be very sweet to you and turn around and be very mean all in one movement. And being a Taurus woman you will not got for much of this and then you will clash do not expect to come to any solution from your argument because I want come to maybe later or the next day when the two of you have calmed down. Then you’ll have hot make-up sex and you’ll be okay untill the next argument which is bound to come. Leo’s are possessive so they will make you there own and can be jealous. In public they will love you because your attractive and they will love the attention you get while being on there arm. However, it will be wise to not play into that attention because they are jealous and prefer the spotlight themselves just don’t overshine them. They love nice things lavish lifestyle the finer things in life as a Taurus you will love that overall the Leo man has a strong personality be prepared to deal with it…

    • the taurus that love it than hate it said

      i agree with u so much. that is how my leo man is. very controlling. always under me give the world. but the strange thing is that i only know him for 5 months and he is already talking about marriage children and me moving with him. at first i really didn’t care for him. but i grew on him. he like’s to push button that makes me mad. he tries to act like he didn’t do nothing and all that do is make me mad. i just shut down to my slient mode like i am now i had to look this up because i thought it was me no it’s him. he always think he is right and hate to be wrong and as a taurus i am going to rub it in his face. that makes him mad. he nice one min and mean the other. to tell you the truth i don’t think is going to last. then say things that make me want to u know what i mean. but other than that the sex is good dam that’s crazy

      • katie said

        i agree its a hard relationship to put up with. i have been with my leo man for 2 years and at first he always wanted to be with me and he was so loving and now all of the sudden he pushes me away and wants to be with his friends. he doesn’t express his love he just tells me he loves me but i don’t feel like he means it. me as a taurus woman i want someone i feel like i really can connect with and that doesn’t making me feel like shit most the time. he always has to be right even when he’s wrong to him he is right and its just so annoying. and me as a taraus i like to chill more and he’s always on the move he barley wants to chill and when we do its like he’s doing it for me and i just want someone more on my page . other then that he is loyal and the best boyfriend i have ever had because there are lots of scum bags but he’s cockiness and attitude just get umbarrible

    • taurus beauty love my water man said

      for real i had my share…BOOOOOOOOORING, we had too much in common and he was too submissive, too shallow, too weak ama bull so im very stubborn so i love a strong man who can put me in my place…

  4. Taurus Lady said

    I am a Taurus woman who has just started dating a Leo man. He seems quite a lot like a Leo in some ways but he is a very much serious homebody and does not like the spotlight. He is very handsome, considerate and generous, humble, well spoken and communicative, dominant, somewhat mysterious, yet vulnerable and revealing. Of course our relationship is very new and we haven’t had a disagreement. I am sweet but a strong willed Taurus and I am sick and tired of dating men that let me rule them. My ex-husband and I rarely fought but he allowed me to take the reins, wear the pants and walk all over him. So needless to say, I did not respect him. My Leo man would not stand for that and no doubt he and I will probably butt heads, but I know I will respect him for it. We will just have to see where it goes.

  5. LeoLover said

    I am new at this Leo thing. I cannot argue that he has a magnetic attractiveness and awakes a sexual desire in me that I have never seen. I am only able to admire from affar at the moment, we barely know eachother, but I won’t stop until I have a taste of what it is like to be around him, even if we are just friends.

  6. Me said

    I have been dating a Leo man for 10 months now and we have def. Had our ups and downs. In the beginning it was perfect, he would take me out on dates, spending long hours with me sometimes even days. Then on day he just stopped everything.I didn’t do anything different, he just wanted to spend more time with his friends, who were al single and partied with random girls, so we would fight about that alot and none of our fights would get resolved, it would just be great sex. Then after awhile we would hang out but he would not show me any attention. I would have to flirt with other guys just for him to notice me and ofcourse hes a leo so his jelousy light would trigger, we would talk a little follwed by great sex then things would slowly but surely go back to him not showing any attention or appreciation. He would even get upset if i was getting more attention for a party we would both be invited to, and that would hurt cuz hewould sit in the corner and prout until the attention was back on him. I have to admit things have changed much since then…but I just figured either he would change, I would change, or I would just get tired of it after a while and just move it. Even though I love him with all my heart and we have a great time when were not mad at each other…if I could do it all over again I would NEVER let him into my life

    • katie said

      omg i have been with my leo man for two years and i am having the same exact problem as you and i completely agree! 😦

  7. Taurus girl said said

    No kidding, u cud come across a few leo guys who are some players (quite rare though!) (obviously in their youth when their most handsome and charming) but generally this man is totally LOYAL and LOVING, and PROTECTIVE and very very AFFECTIONATE. He’s the type of guy that never forgets the anniversaries or the imp past dates of ur relationship. I am soon to marry a leo man, we have been 100% involved now for nearly 2 years, non stop talking! liturally! I am a taurus girl and yeah…earth with fire doesn’t always go and u have ur moments, but there is one thing that is most inevitable with this loved up pairing…they are so loyal and fixed to eachother, it is hard to keep these two apart, even wen they do fight, its mostly for the drama only. They both have similar tastes and habits which compliment eachother very well! I also have a leo rising which helps. From my personal point of view, there is no man in all of the signs more loving, more giving, more attentive than the leo man!

    He loves love, he loves having responsibility in love and taking care. TIPS ON HOW TO KEEP THIS GUY: 1) show him lots of attention! 2) Do shower him with endless compliments! (but not overly or insincerely) 3) Do make yourself the most beautiful for him every time u seem him! 4) (oh yeah! look beautiful for HIM and ONLY him!) 5)Support him and listen to him, this is very important. 6) Don’t be afraid to bug him or annoy him with calls, this kinda guy loves it! (but not too mmuch!)just show him how important he is in ur life!

    the greatest deal breaker is DISRESPECT, and making him jealous too much. It really would destroy the relationship. If you are a taureen like myself, just be urself, and show him that natural sensual side which he adores! 😉

    • Taurus fem, Leo rising said

      Dear Taurus girl said,

      In my opinion, you gave the best advice on here!! I am with a Leo man and like you am a Taurus with a Leo rising. I find that when my man is busy and I text or call I can get ignored and I sometimes take it to heart. If you just decide to move on, pay it no mind and just follow up later or the next day, it’s all forgotten by him and you both can move on. The key is not to harp on anything and definitely not to be too pushy (a Taurus trait) because you certainly won’t win at THAT game with a Leo. Thanks for the tips!!

  8. In love with a leo said

    heya everybody
    im am abasalutley infatuated with a leo guy who i have known for some years now. Ever since i first saw him i was head over heels. Our familys are extremely close and have always cracked jokes about us getting togther!
    I feel he is a typical leo man to some extent. He has the big ego, and loud fun pesonality which i love, but it does make me go all shy around him. I AM NEVER SHY! BUT THIS GUY MAKES ME WEAK. He has so much sex appeal, and im actually good looking myself and generate quite a bit of attention, and i know for a fact it has made him jelous. Should i be more forthcoming a little, and a little more flirt or should i take it slow. We been out together once. Thanks to u all for the great advic help and tips….come on girls! TAME YOUR LIONS 😉

  9. Taurus girl said

    Hi in love with Leo! I liked that at the end..hehe come on girls! TAME YOUR LIONS ;)personally, i think these Leo’s don’t have to be tamed because they’re usually very kind and affectionate already! (exept for the few cases!)You didn’t leave ur sun sign? Are u a taurus? It doesn’t really matter anyway=p

    It’s good that u feel this way for LEO, and chances are, he prob feels the same way too! Leo’s should be very playful and attnetive to the one he loves or fancies. He may be shy and too prideful to mention it first, so he will wait for you too. But i would take it easy first, just in case, he doesn’t feel the same way. I think it’s always best.

    Though if u want this guy to like you, be confident, dress in ur best, be flirty and firendly, but NOT skanky! or bitchy because believe it or not, Leo’s arent reli impressed with women like that. Show him u care for him, talk to him, ask him to help u with something, or ask his advise, leo men love to play macho-man and let HIM DO THE TALKING ALWAYS…omg, sometimes it becomes a drag. Be playful like him, show him loyalty, and perhaps be a little quiet too and shy, this he may be drawn too. The good thing with this guy is that u dont have to play any mind games or guessing games! he likes to be straight with his feelings, exept for some leo’s who have shy moon signs or shy rising signs, u wud find them different, But from what u told me, ur leo seems quite trypical leo.

    I hope it all goes ur way! Jus dont try too hard. when the time is right, jus look in his eyes i guess and let it flow. Leo’s fall easily and love to be in love!


    Taurus woman.

    • jamma said

      hey i like a Leo guy and he doesn’t act too much like a Leo on the surface, he seems closed into the shadows and doesn’t stand out much, but wen i got to know him, i noticed he was just like a ion in almost every way, and i swear he admits hes a jerk and loves to annoy people. he sorta rejected me a few years ago, saying something like ‘he felt betrayed thought I was his friend…’ this was b4 i really knew him, now i started to talk to him again and he seems a lot more interested, but says stuff that throws me off. he does care about me but lately hes been distant. I’ve also been wondering if he changed his mind about me.

  10. The hardest relationship ever with leo man said

    I’ve dated a leo man for a year and two months. This has been the hardest relationship ever. He’s 9 years older and still loves to party and hit the streets every night. I must say when it was good it was GOOD. The passion was always there but the leo man was very demanding, selfish and never thought of me on birthdays, christmas or any other occassion. I can honestly say I hate I meet him and they are hard to get rid of. He calls over a 100 times a day. The leo man knows how to come back right once you argue but thats only for the moment. The communication is horrible. I’m afraid to even express myself because he only thinks one way. I’m done and wish I had RAN…

  11. dfm89 said

    I dated a leo guy for about 9 months. The chemistry was amazing from the being. But when we would have arguments they would get extremely out of hand and we would break-up and usually end up back together after a day or 2. This time when we broke up he tried to come back and I ignored his calls and text for about a week because I felt like I was tired of going back and forth. But after a week I broke down and decided I really love him and tried to reach out to him and he told me to let it go.
    Its been 3 weeks and I miss him terribly. Even though we had our issues I love him and want him back.Do you think there is any chance a Leo man would come back????

  12. Taurus girl said

    Hi dfm89!

    Leo’s are generally very loving and forgiving as well! It is important to understand eachother when commmunicating and NOT to play any mind games here. Also, if you are a female then generally leo men do like to be in control and the boss, they like to make the decisions so if you are prepared to be controlled and dominated and also ready to keep quiet when he sets his ways of doing things, then he has found himself a winner. Leos can be very dominating, not usually in a bad way, but just like the male lion; like i said they do like to be controlled and usually if u are a taurus or not, it is more of the taurus who needs to make the adjustements in the relationship because taurus can be hardheaded and stubborn just like leo. Its not unusual to have fights in any relationship, its completely natural. Make sure you keep the flow of communication open, be honst with leo man and tell him what u want. Usually leos dont play games and theyre not reli interested in chasing anyone either.



    Taurus Girl

    • Hey all!

      I am getting so much information by reading these comments that I thought I’d go ahead and send my comment. I am a Taurus woman in my early 30’s and I have been dating a Leo man in his early 40’s for about 5 months now. We met at a restaurant (we were both having lunch by ourselves) and he keep looking at me so I decided to say Hi! Thing is, a mutual friend of ours was going to set me up with this Leo before I even met him in the restaurant and the only way I knew it was him was because I had seen a picture of him when she was talking about setting things up…so it was totally a consequential that we met. Anywho so we exchanged numbers and have been dating and talking ever since….HOWEVER, here is where it gets tricky…he is a VERY VERY busy man (with his career) so often times when I’ll call him or text him, I do not get a response back as timely as I’d like to. I wouldn’t be bothered with this as much if he didn’t overly express his feelings for me when we are together. He is always saying that he loves spending time with me, or that he feels like we are going to be together for a long time and he’s so into me….BUT then after we leave each other I’ll do all the reaching out to sometimes not get a response back immediately. I don’t know that to think! Part of me feels like he is very busy and will respond back when he has time, but then part of me feels like “you make time for what you want”. I guess I feel like I’m getting mixed signals from him. I try not to call or text him too much for fear of seeming “deseparate” or like a bug-a-boo, but I like him and I know he likes me so I don’t know what I should do…as a Taurus, I feel like when we like someone..WE LIKE THEM so when we are not getting the feeling sent back mutually, we start to take it personal. Who knows…maybe he could be extremely busy and it’s not like he never responds…it just may take a day or two sometimes. My girlfriends keep saying to not worry, he likes you and to let him chase you, but I dont know if that works with a Leo man…HELP!

      • Taurus fem, Leo rising said

        Dear Confused Taurus Woman,

        Your friend is half right. My Leo man is EXACTLY the same! I have broken up with him twice over this and the first time I did, I texted him 2 weeks later saying I missed him and like Superman, he instantly said he missed me too and was at my house. Then, he went back to being “busy” again, not texting, not planning, and even ignoring some texts. The second time I ended things, I didn’t come back. 2 months later he wrote me an email but it wasn’t heartfelt. It was more like I have your stuff if you want it (which I found out later from him was his attempt to talk to me without being wrong). Then finally 4 months after that he reached out to me and said he missed me and wanted to see me. My whole point is, eventually, yes, they will chase you but they are (in my opinion) too slow for us strong Taurus women. If you want a Leo man, you need to reach out and then wait for their right time. You may have to reach out again and then wait again. They hate rejection and tend to be fickle sometimes especially if their mind is on work but they love your attention so text or call a little bit. There is also a fine line for them between reaching out and being pushy (<—that one was VERY hard for me to learn lol). They are very tough to figure out but so incredibly worth the time it takes to figure them out. If you are just the empathetic, nurturing, wonderful Taurus you are, they will love you. Just don't take anything to heart, they are not really phone or text types. They will however show you or tell you their true feelings in person. I find straight to the point questions asked in person always get me the answers I want.

  13. Mmhhmmm said

    I’m a taurus girl (:
    And the guy I like is a Leo guy, Me+him really like each other, But unfortunatly I’m on holiday so we can’t exactly get together yet. We have kissed and all and it’s amazing, we just sat there for like, two hours sitting close and hllding each other and kissing and stuff, before I left on holiday :},
    I didn’t find out he was a Leo ’til today as I never checked xD, But he does seem to resemble the traits of one a bit :’)

    He’s open about how he feels sometime, messages me nearly everyday about how much he misses me, and he even said to me out the blue one time, talking online saying, ‘btw, i hope this doesn’t sound mad and out the blue but, i think about you al the time and it makes me feel happy, i just cant wait for you to come back.’ and i was just like ‘omg, omgomg, thats so lovelyy, awwwww (in my head like)’, so i told him that i think about him all the time too, which I do, and he seemed quite happy with that.
    And he also said to me, since he knows where he stands with me he’s gunna make sure he doesn’t be overly affectionant with anyone, or anyhing like that because he just can’t wait for me to come back 😀

    When he were out together (not going out D;), he would like to hold my hand, or hold me round the waist in public and kiss me and flirt and such.
    It made me feel so happy,

    Just a 2 months before that like he asked me out, but I didn’t really like him at the time so I said no, but he has carried on trying and he won me over,

    I think he’s absolutly adorable, he’s gorgeous+cute, His hair is amazing, and he’s so sweet :}
    He has a reeeaaally cute voice and I love being around himm <33

    But we havn't even been out yet, so we just have to see how it goes (: ❤

  14. lovelyTaurus said

    Hello girls

    A taurus girl here…
    Im still In love with a leo man but it has been hard to get him out of my system. We had our ups and dwns so that’s why we broke up. It has been a year already and I still love him with all my heart and I know he still loves me and cares but he tries to hide it, once wen we were still together he told me he will never ever forget me because I was the only girl who he fell in love with deeply.

    Everyday im constantly thinking of him and my friends think im obsessed with him but im not. What if I am?, who knows.. I don’t want him to even think im obsessed with him but I do want him back in my life though. I don’t know how to conquer him again or get his attention. What should I do?

    He’s the type of guy who has all these girls around him and loves the attention. He’s very lovable, caring, bought me anything I wanted but I never asked much. & of course the sex is amazing.

    I want him back badly

    Take care girls =)

    • Les said

      let him read your comment by accident… he will love it truely and make him start thinking of the good times he misses with you. A memory of love is eternal to a Leo. Also try to always speak the word friendship and how loyal of a friend you will be to him always. Give him what makes him tick. Actually the traits of a taurus are very simular to a Leo regarding love, loyalty and emotion. Good luck.

  15. This one Taurus said

    So apparently, I’m not the only Taurus trapped under a Leo’s spell.

    I mean literally under his spell. We knew eachother back then, but I didn’t really think of him as anything other then a friend. Then BAM he someone got back into my life. Said he was interested, and tried to always hang out. But being a Taurus, I was super skeptical.

    Now, he’s become distant. No more texts, nothing. How do I attract him again?! I feel so hopeless. Does this mean he’s moved to someone else?!

    I’ve never been in a relationship with him or any other Leo, so I don’t know how this process goes. All I want is to keep him interested. I want him back, although technically I never had him.

    Do you think he moved on? Cause if he did, there will be hell to pay.

  16. Taurean chick said

    I met this Leo, he was interested, and now he’s no longer acting as if he is! He doesnt try to contact me anymore! HELP! I want him baaaaaaccckkkk. How do I attract him?

  17. Jane said

    I am in love w/a Leo man. We dated for 6 months but broke up a month ago as he still had some lingering feelings for his ex-wife who REALLY burned him. We have been talking & getting closer. I’m really hoping we do reconcile. Yes he is moody at times & selfish but he is sweet, down-to-earth, a homebody & very cute. So I’m hoping it all works out because we are good together. He does like my down-to-earth nature however like the Taurus sign, I need to know he does care, which he does. 🙂

  18. Jane said

    Hi its Jane again. I left a post a month ago & I thought I would provide an update. The Leo man that I am in love with & I are still friends. We have become closer. I think he wants me but he won’t say so. I HAVE noticed in our becoming closer he is more attentive, playful & has come to where I’m staying unannounced just to see me. I’m REALLY hoping we do get back together because I really love this man. Of course I would be happy if all we could be is just friends…still…I keep hope & love alive…

    Any advice would be helpful. Thanks! 🙂

  19. shannon(taurus) said

    I have been dating a Leo maan for 2 months and he hasn’t told me he loves me. Should I tell hime first?

    • sexxxy_taurus said

      hell no, play hard to get…..make him give in, he’ll appreciate you more! or maybe hes just not ready for that/ guarded, break down that wall! Me being a very proud Taurus woman i wouldnt say it and havnt takes the fun out of it and you dont get any satisfaction from saying first….either way be strong girl and good look with that leo!

  20. regretter said

    I feel miserable right now..My leo man loves me, adores me. He is everything i wanted in my man.He is so committing, loyal and caring.he loves me the most. he came back from london for me. But we have been fighting a lot coz the job he is doing is so frustrating. We had such a big fight in the past two days that we ended up swearing and a lot of name calling happened. my sister is helping a lot by being a mediator. He confided in her that he loves me a lot. but the way he is communicating things, i m scared that he may just end this. but it should not happen coz we are the best of friends and he had promised me that he shall never ever leave me. with him everything has been magical. i have already faced one break up but i didn’t like the guy that much.. but this leo man is the one that i always respected.i see myself with him.. i wonder what happens next..i want to make a future with him..i m praying to god that he helps us cope with the situation

  21. Leo's woman said

    I’m in love with Leo . God he’s just so amazingly perfect, just like the guy from my dream. He cares and he shows it too. He’s been showering me with loyalty,sweet talk, affection…everything(good things).He’s very romantic but i’ve not got chance to taste the physical thingy with him but I wouldnt say no if he makes the first move 😉 . Whenever i’m mad at him and we’ve argument he tries to work it out in everyway he can awwwwwwwwwww he’s such a sweetheart ❤ The more I think of him…the more I fall for him 🙂
    I just love him

  22. Druh said

    Ive dated a leo guy off and on for six months..in the early stages i never wanted a relationship and he was very much interested me in. i only wanted sex from him no emotional attachments..bt i dont think leos can do that. or maybe im just that good 😉
    nonetheless, it has been a journey thus far. I can admit to loving him, but he gets on my fckin nerves ladies. he is so predictable and he holds grudges as well. he loves me deeply i know this, bt he is very childish at times. also his anger is outta control. he heard that i was talking to another person and came to confront me and it turned violent and charges were pressed by me. however, i missed him afterwards and contacted him..he is trying to get better because he is scared of jail..bt he still does little things like if we are on the phone he will be talking to a female in the background laughing and say her name on purpose to make me jealous..those are the childish things he does (he is 20 and I am 23).. as a taurus i cant stand that. I never do that to him bt i do have male friends that I let him know im with..this relationship is wild and passionate and aggravating..i just wanted to keep it on a sexual level but he wanted more..ladies becareful with leo men..and dont lead them on because they have a temper for days for they really care for you..if they dont then you probably wont even notice they are mad. the sex is great bt thats about it..i dont want to mingle with his family or any of that.. i dont know how i am going to play this one out. I love him and want to be with him..now.. bt he tries to always bring me around his family who i dont want to be around ever since the pressing charges incident..i dont know maybe im the only who needs to end this..i guess time will tell..bt from what i read..all the stories of leo and taurus are just great sex and nothing more..lots of passion and arguing ..if thats the kind of thing u like then hey go head! they like it tough and rough anyway..i think thats why he loves me so much..because im unusual and stubborn..i dont give in easily..and i am dominate and strong..it makes us clash bt i know he loves those things in me..he has said he wishes i was submissive bt im only submissive in bed..lol..which im sure he loves..cleary!

  23. taurus.gurl said

    i met dis leo guy lyk 6 months bak. He introducd himself over fb… I didn’t lyk him or anyting at dat time but it was kinda obvious he did.. One day i met him while i was out n he said hi i said hi bak n he sat behind me… I didnt knw dat n i stood up n walkd away… Aftr dat he didn’t talk to me for smtime but he talkd to me recently n he askd me to cme for dis party n payed for my party ticket… But he cudnt hang around wit me cuz he was organizing it.,, so i was just dancing wit anthr guy.. Bcuz i had no one to dance wit…. N nw he’s asking me wats up wit dat guy n me… i said nting n tld wat happnd… But he didnt reply afterwrds… I dunno i tink i lyk him nw… but i also hav a prob wit da age diff. hez 6 urs older… So im kinda scared bout dat too.. But hez really sweet.. I dunno wat to do nw.. 😦

  24. Anna said

    Age is just a number,I say go for it! That’s if you truly do care and like him,Don’t play head game’s,go with what your heart tell’s you to do. Take it from a Taurus can’t stand head games. As a matter of fact I am having a date for the first time w/a leo,so wish me luck ladies.lol Keep ya posted!!!!

  25. Venus daughter said

    was married to leoman…3 years…if u meet leo man run as a wind..will betray in all possible ways & break ur heart…even though he would ve spoiled u in the past with lavish gifts & “controllin” attention…sex is just ok… hope there is still exeptions in dear leos:)good luck taurus girls..love urself first….

  26. Anna said

    I have to say I had an amazing first date w/a leo man. He defintly was not into his self but totally into me and might I say a great kisser and his eye’s so beautiful they took my breath away when he stared at me. We had such great chemistry together I really couldn’t believe it I had to pinch myself,lol. He lives an hour from me which I don’t mind at all,he is already planning on how we are going to get together to see each other as often as we can,which blew my mind. He want’s to see me during the week,not just on the weekend’s. If you ask me I think that is so sweet. He was nothing like I have read in the horoscopes. I also told him what they said about Taurus which iam and leo which he is not being a long term match and we both laughed. I am not big on following the horoscope bs they put out. I go with my heart no matter who i am with and I always give it me all in any relationship im in, Being i am seperated and my husband is an aries I must say that relationship was not a good match,the passaion and communication wasn’t their the best thing out of that marraige was our two children,lol.I would love to prove this horoscope bs wrong , I could betray and break hearts just like any other horoscope sign, I really thinks it’s the two people who are together that makes the relationship not the signs they are. If we all went by horoscopes we would all be single, and lonley,lol. My heart know’s whats right for me and what’s wrong for me and I have such a great,great feeling about this man despite what horoscope man and I will not run from it meaning this relationship because of what a stupid horoscope says to do and who to match up with. Well i will keep you ladies posted out to prove the wrong.

  27. Anna said

    It’s me again so far all is going good in my relationship w/a leo man.He is amazing and each day iam falling more and more for this man, It’s been almost about a month and I have no complaints at all it’s like we both think the same and have the same personalities it’s kinda of scarey but I like it,it’s like we understand each other. Did I mention he has the most amazing looking eyes it’s like they take over me when I look into them, Will keep ya posted!!!

  28. Taurus :) said

    I’ve been with my Leo for 2 months now and its been great! Yeah we fall out every now and then but its nothing we can’t work through 🙂 I just hope that it all works out with him. I’ve absolutely fallen for him. He’s everything I want in a man. Attractive, funny, smart.. And he’s my best friend 🙂 we were close friends for a long time before we got together and now that we’re together we’re almost inseparable! He always treats me like a princess. What I love most about him is that he always knows how to make me smile. He’s a true gentleman and I don’t know what I’d do without him. I’m sure he’s my soul mate 😀

  29. Leren said

    I’ve been seeing a Leo man for 4 months. We have spent every weekend together since we met. He asked me to be his girlfriend after a month and has already introduced me to his parents. Everything about this man is a true Leo! LOL! He craves attention(has tons of very pretty ex’s who adore him and will txt or call to see if we are still together for another chance with him!)Of course, this is more than I can stand at times even though he tells me he loves me a million times a day(he was first to say so, by the way). We have had huge fights because of the other girls that he doesn’t pay attention too but since he craves being in the spotlight he wont just ignore them. (Ugghh!) LOL! He’s charming, very romantic, extremly smart and I secretly love when he gives me suggestions. Though I can never admit when he’s right! He does need constant attention and praise and since I am very affectionate by nature this doesn’t bother me too much except of course when he’s made me jealous. He has been my most passionate and giving lover. Our sex is wonderful! I am learing to be more tolerant about the other girls as he is very proud of me and tells everyone we are together and talks about me to them in my presence. He really is learning to save and budget because of me and be a little more sensitive to people’s feelings because I will check him when he gets too selfish. Even though I won’t verbalize this to him but I really do adore him. He’s has been the best boyfriend and friend. We laugh all the time and our humor has gotten us through some really nasty fights. Even if after a blow-out we don’t talk for a day or two later we are back in each other’s arms. I have learned not to freak out by this and give him his space. He is always the one to say I love you. He is very loyal and compliments me all the time on how beautiful I am. Just don’t ever show up without putting effort into being a woman. This relationship can be a little tiring sometimes but it really has been worth the effort 🙂

  30. Leren said

    Oh, by the way, if being a Taurus woman you don’t learn to keep your jealousy under control he will walk away and will never come back!! They hate this type of drama as they are looking for a queen who behaves as one!

  31. Lora said

    I’ve been dating a Leo male for 8 months.He got upset with me about something that wasn’t anything to get upset about he hadn’t called me it’s been 7 days . I’m a Taurus will he call me again he’d 56, He’s a really nice guy he would tell me everyday that he love’s me.

  32. ivette said

    i have been seeing a leo for about a month now i instantly fell for him but he is so guarded i dont know what to do i have regretebly said how i felt & he responded by saying that he doesnt want to see anyone else but that he is not ready for a relationship he knows he is selfish right now but i cant help but feel that he feels the same way whe talk everyday no matter what time to tell each other whats on our mind our communication is awesome we tell each other everything no matter how the other will feel & i love that i have never felt so aggrivated with someone so much but want them even more please help me how can i get through to him & make him see how perfect we are for each other

  33. Gaga said

    When you love someone you have to take chances, and with chances you sometimes slip up and fall. However when you fall you are bound to get back up again becoming an even stronger person than before. If you truly want any man to love you leo or not you must be completely and utterly in love with yourself. For it is very apparent to someone who strives for a strong lioness, a proud lion who sits effortlessly behind the king, when really she is doing all the leg work (literally). Think of the duck, so effortlessly and gracefully gliding upon the waters, but underneath where no one can see she his kick and paddling as fast as she can. Be the dumb fox, the lady who admires her hero, but knows deep down she’s the brains behind the operation. If you really want a leo man to love you or take you back you have to be what you were to him before and that is not being desperate for his attention. Be lovely and charismatic like the beautiful taurus you are, strong and confident. As taurus women we have a tendency to get down on ourselves when love relationships are not as shiny and bright as they were in the begining or quite honestly when they go to shit. But the most important thing is to suck up you’re tears pick up your field flowers and start dancing around in the sun again as the happy girl you were when he met you. He’ll come around its just a matter of time but in the mean time do you, you are much more important than silly lion. A leo man is just so sweetly trying to enter my life, but as quick witted taurus I am, I have to do all my research before I allow my self to fall into any sort of love relationship. In the mean time I am just going to have fun as should all you lovely ladies.
    xoxo Taurus Girl

  34. NOMii said

    After reading all of this I’m just scared for my relationship between me and my boyfriend now… a lot of us have given in because of a Leo’s nature… ‘It’s amazing at the start…horrible in the middle and you miss him when you break up with him, but he won’t ever come back’ that’s repeated. Why am I always stuck in the fantasy of what the relationship between me and my bf could be, instead of enjoying the relationship we’re having now? My bf is too stubborn to break up with me, but he never fullfils what I want from him and it’s aggravating.

  35. b said

    i have always hated Leo man after i broke up with my first leo boyfren. somthing about him that i cant stand.. i clearly remember at first the relationship was fun, exciting etc bt at the end i literally got tired n left him. he is still around bt i’m done. the same unique character of Leo kill me n gets me very in-secured n finally give me the strength to move out. BUT when i dated other compatibility sign i somehow realized that after being with a Leo man, other sign are a little boring, no fight, no argument, i feel dead. leo man makes me feel alive n the competition to fight on something.
    there’s another leo man in my life now, i tried my level best to avoid him at first bt somehow he convince me to stay. i love this man now… yes no doubt he still makes me in-secured, as he dnt open up his love all the time as we taurian do. now i feel this is the reason why a taurian girl n a leo man get so addicted to each other. when i dnt open up, he will somehow take time to dig in n vice versa.
    i thinks it will work out very well if a taurian girl go for a matured Leo man.

  36. taurusisme said

    I am a Taurus woman. I’m currently friends with soon to be dating a Leo man….. Before I start saying the things that frustrate me. I will begin with the good. He is a very LOYAL friend, he’s always lending a helping hand, hard-working man. He has something about him that makes him stand out from previous men that I have encountered. I just feel like I can’t get enough of him. He has the sexiest lips EVER!!!! Can I say…. !!!!LL COOL J LIPS!!!!! –!TALL DRINK OF WATER!- He so fine!!! When I look into his eyes I get that butterfly effect! I haven’t had that affect in a while LOL! He is a MAN. He takes care of things aroung my house. When he comes over and something needs to be fixed he’s on it, including the car, and making sure the grass is cut. He keeps me on my toes. Far as finacially and mentally. Cause you know as a Taurus we can get very forgetful and side-tracked quite often. The only thing that kinda frustrates me is he is very very very observant and doesn’t forget anything. I can deal tho cause atleast I know he doesn’t fool with anybody cause if he wants a family 1 day he has to make sure I can fill them standards and thats quite alright with me. It most definately didn’t take him long to see that i’m a good mom I have a 5 yr old daughter and she means the world to me and he see that and acknowledged that to me. He told me that I am a wonderful Mother and I take good care of my daughter and that he is proud of me. : ). I want to be his woman so bad I be feeling kinda needy sometimes or desperate like tell him how much I like him and I want to be with him and he does’t tell me that much so I find myself asking him again how he feel about me lol he gets frustrated cause he already done told me like a hundred times but I just still want that comfort of knowing and security. You know? I do things to show him I am a Loyal Woman. For instance and I need a responce after this…..We could be in the car talking and driving to are destination and the conversations can get really deep sometimes. Most often then not it can be about loyalty,friendships, and family. Ok LOYALTY- He would say that he is stressed out about a certain situation or him just dealing with anything he be having so much on his plate. So me as that loyal friend. I say well, I always got your back, you don’t have to worry about anything, or the major issue right now is when I say——I’M NOT GIVING UP ON YOU- LADIES FOR FUTURE REFERENCES DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT SAY THIS TO YOUR LEO FRIENDS OR MATES!!! If you say that to a Leo Man YOU GONE LEARN TODAY! LOL I had to put that in caps!! The reason I say this is….It makes them feel like your PSYCHO. You don’t want that. NOpE. Which as this issue been talked about and resolved between me and my LEO friend. I bet you I want say that again lol! Leos don’t want to feel like you have jealously issues, psycho tendencies, or ATTITUDES! Get rid of that moody& irritable atttitude cause if you don’t thats not gonna do nothing but push them away. Just talk about It in a sensible manner and don’t hold back cause if you do and when it comes down to talk you will burst. Trust! Don’t Lie keep it real at all times they don’t like liars. If you lie about something to them you might as well move the hell around. Cause remember Leos want that LOYALTY. On the other side you may not want to walk away to fast because you have to remember this also. LEOS are LOYAL themselves so if they see potential in you they will work it out and stick it out because they care and are LOYAL. Don’t be a worked up individual over certain situations. That can get you the look of the lifetime. If you are going through something and that LEO man is there to help you and know 1 else. Don’t complain at all anymore about know 1 wants to help you when you need it the most. He’s gonna be thinking where do I come to play, i’m standing right here do you see me i’m that loyal friend that has your back when know 1 else was there. Thats exactly what they will say. Cause now you making them feel as tho the LEO man is not there for you, but that LEO is standing right next to you. All and All he is a good man and hopefully by the grace of God we will end up married 1 day and I can come back and tell you guys about it. It’s all about compromising and communication. Thats why we are working out are differences now so that when are in a relationship it won’t effect it. Squaring the difference now for a better tomorrow. The moral of the story is show you appreciation, stop nagging and complaining just be calm and collect and let them do there job because as a LEO man or any man it’s there job to….#3 Things Every Man Needs: PROTECT, PROVIDE, & PROFESS. If they don’t have or not even trying to strive to do these things. “RUN” Your job is to: SUPPORT, LOYALTY, AND THE COOKIE. You know what I mean by the COOKIE. If your not trying to do these three things. You don’t even need to be looking for a man. If you have any QUESTIONS hit me up!!! : ))

    • Typical Taurus said

      I just read ur post & frankly u said it!! But my Leo man has major MAJOR trust issues, understandably we’re going into month 3 of the relationship & im at the point of running away.. i know as a Taurus we know wat we want & act quickly, but this Leo moves at a turtles pace! Which makes me think there is someone else! Im trying but its taking everything in me not to bust him upside his head!!

  37. asian22 said

    I am Taurus women ,I fall inlove to a Leo man he is a sweet quite guy . We date each other almost 3 years while i am in the Philippines i dont know alot from him. About what is happening in his life while he is on his own country . I trust him so much i dont even show interest to anyone who shows interest to me.One time when he invite me to his country i found out while i am in the philippines thingking about him so much and loving him so much because as i know i am only his girlfriend. But i am wrong after i been his place i found out all that he got lots of girlfriend and the three years we are dating each other it seems like nothing.When i found out everything he did to me cheated and feel stupid i get hurt so much that time. I feel like like whole world collapsed during that time . I asked him why he do that he told me he is not sure about me that time he do dating lots of girls and have lots of gf. And he said he dont get involved to the girls he make love with . But trully it hurt me so much . We fight almost one year and since i asked him frankly if he have a plan for me ,and he said yes i said ok i give you another chance and lets see if this relationship will worked out .

  38. Typical taurean lady said

    I fell for a taurus guy. He is a sincere sweetheart and actually very modest as far as leos go. No ego or showy nature. I met him a good 3 years ago (I was dating his friend – mistake) yet I was hooked from the day I met him. I’ve never been able to understand the feelings I had… Not the usual lust but a deep attraction I’ve never really felt before.

    I moved away a year ago (convinced I would never be his ‘type’) and I’ve changed a lot as a person… we stayed in touch occasionally catching up online and it seems as though I’ve become someone he is suddenly attracted to. He’s paying me compliments he’s never said before and I am losing my mind with these feelings I have for him all coming back to the surface!

    I hope one day we will live closer to eachother again and see where this takes us… I can only hope that this was simply a case of meeting him at the wrong time in life and that we are meant to be…

    I feel like such a teenager writing all of this… I’d all but lost my faith in love and romance until lately…

  39. Jane said

    The Leo man that broke up with me 2 years ago NOW admits he was wrong to have dumped me! Too late. I am deeply in love and committed to a Virgo man that is 10 TIMES better than he could ever be!

  40. soon to be Mrs Leo said

    To all the Taurus ladies here doubtful of a relationship with a Leo man, consider me a success story… My Leo boyfriend of a year proposed to me a few weeks ago while on vacation and I said yes! We met in the summer 2 years ago and I was completely charmed by him… Funny, intelligent, totally engaging and charismatic. We didn’t start dating until I saw him again a few months later, but I was completely infatuated with him for those months In between. even though we only talked for a little while when we first met. my relationship with him so far ha been the best I’ve ever had- so exciting and new. Sure we fight sometimes, and he is quite childish and needs affection nd validation a lot. But I don’t know of that’s because of his sign or his tough childhood. At the start of the relationship he wrote me love letters and poems and every time we saw each other (we both work a lot) it would be like the first time we’d met. He was the first to say I love you and told me that he wanted to say it on our first date. he’s extremely passionate in his physicality and in expressing his feelings and this can be too intense for some people. Somtimes he can be distant and he has a short temper but as a Taurus I fel like my calmness balances him and gives him some structure in his life. he’s extremely dominant, he needs to command the conversation, the room and the relationship but I like that about him. We talk constantly and I feel like we have an amazing emotional connection as well as a physical one (the sex is incredible). The relationship between Taurus and Leo can be tough and mentally taxing at times but if you work at it and aren’t willing to lose your Leo man then it can turn into something beautiful. I am fascinated by and infatuated with my future husband. We are getting married in the fall 🙂

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  42. Andee said

    Oh my gosh I honestly can relate to what I have read. I’m currently in a relationship w/a Leo guy, well it’s not all rosey at all. We’ve been dating for 6 months going to 7 very soon. He’s so dominant and possessive my friends think it’s absurd but I happen to find it very sexy, I love the man in him.I love how he lays down the law. I mean yes we fight a lot but I think it’s what makes us stronger. He hates it when I back chat(says I’m disrespecting him) lol I also love how the fights never break us cause when we’re together we can hardly keep our hands off each other. I personally feel that this relationship could work but only with determination and respect from the 2 parties. But nonetheless,it’s pure bliss***IN LOVE WITH MY LEO MAN ❤ ❤

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  44. ash said

    Hello All…I am Taurus woman…complete features of a bull…and I met this Leo guy…he initiated the relationship…and now he s backing off…coz he feels he is not suitable for me…I m tryg to make him understand since past 3 dayz….he s stuk on his statement…we already had break-up’s 2-3 tymz within 2 months…and now I dnt wana giv upon him…wat shd I do to make him com bak 2 me..we hav a distance relationship…Pls help me out…

  45. Typical Taurus said

    Im a typical Taurus with a Virgo Rising! I have begun a new relationship with a Leo & Im scared to death…. He initiated the courtship, i made him hold out on sex just to get a feel of his personality! Well when we did finally, the sex was too amazing! We talk every day, have similar aspects about life! But he is a workaholic & any free time is spread among his friends! Thats new 4 me!! I really like him & adore his company & conversation, but the leo i fear is starting to show! WHAT TO DO??

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    this web page, and your views are good for new viewers.

  48. Angie said

    Sometimes I feel like my boyfriend (Leo) secretly thinks I’m unattractive. I even catch him staring at other girls, which pisses me off but I don’t show it. The anger is slowly building up and I sometimes want to punch him in the throat every time. He won’t even hold my hand in public, only when I look or am dressed really nice. Just yesterday he pulled away to look at something that we both could’ve walked to at the same time while holding hands but no. I love this guy so much that I don’t want to break things off with him. I know that I sound like I’m very self conscious and in secure but that’s only with him. He knows that there are other guys who try to get with me, even exes. I try to reassure him that I only want him. I feel like he’s embarrassed of me sometimes and that I bore him. I’m always giving him compliments and praising him, showing him off to my family and friends but he doesn’t do any of that with me. I feel so unappreciated and I hate it. Days that we both have off we could be spending it together. I feel like crying right now cause I’m so upset. I won’t tell anyone about this because its embarrassing. I’m like a closet girlfriend or something.

    • Typical Taurus said

      You are not alone, my Leo does the same thing! I give him praise & complements but i never hear it back! I think it’s just the way of the self centered lion! He wouldn’t be with you if he didn’t think you were attractive, they just don’t see a need to let you know something they feel you should already know. Maybe if u sit him down & tell him, he might realize how muxh it means to you. I ask my Leo all the time how i look, does he like an outfit. And it goes without course, he just doesn’t think its necessary to pay a complement!

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  50. naomi said

    I’m a Taurus woman, Leo and Taurus is not good. Match at all. Taurus go well with Virgo, Capricorn and Pieces, Taurus women we belongs to Virgo men lol not Leo.

    • Jane said

      I completely agree with you Naomi. I was with a Leo man for 6 months. We got along but at times he was distant. I have been with a Virgo man for nearly 2 1/2 years and I am truly happy. I have found the love of my life! 🙂

  51. im a 25 yr old leo man, and a couple of weeks ago i met a 31 yr old taurus woman through some friends, and this woman rocks my world! shes beautiful, silly, strong, tasteful, very earthy…. the problem is, shes caught up in a relationship with another guy shes currently living with. as a leo man with a lot of pride, i hate to be caught up in love triangles, but this woman here does strange things to me, emotionally and physically… the sweet kisses tasting her lip gloss today leaves me in a state of bliss as i type this post….sigh…

  52. April said

    I’ve been dating a Leo for 10 months now and it’s amazing from the beginning. He is 7 years older than me, and it turned out it’s a really good thing. He is really nice to me, he always compliments me, hugging me and sometimes I feel like I’m the leo and he is a taurus 😀 (I’m leo rising and he has a moon in taurus so maybe this is a help) We can talk for hours about everything, he always tells me if something bothers him and I think we are really good friends above all! The sex is also amazing! It was surprise when he told me that he never had better sex partner before. (He was in a few long relationships , mostly with virgo girls). We respect and support each other, and we are very loyal!

  53. With so much in my heart i am here to express myself on how Dr Kumar saved my marriage from breaking up. Myself and my husband were having some misunderstanding and it was tearing our marriage apart to the extend my husband was seeking for a divorce. So i have no option than to go to the internet to seek for solution to my problem it was there i came across Dr Kumar details and about how he has helped a lot of people by restoring there relationship. I contact Dr Kumar and in less than 48 hours my husband cancelled the divorce papers. Now myself and my husband live together in peace and harmony all thanks to Dr Kumar for saving my marriage from breaking up. Dr Kumar contact information are via email: spellcasttemple @gmail. com

  54. hey guys!!! I saw all you’re post and felt like I needed to share my story too. I have been dating my Leo guy now for 10 months .on 8th February 2014 we will reach our first year anniversary> thinking of it makes me feel awesome. I love this guy so much . yes! he is dominant and has his jealousy and pride. but his so controlling makes me more attracted to him as ever. our fights gets pretty intense at times , few times I broke it off but not minutes LATER I SEE MYSELF MISRABLE WITH OUT HIM. our make up makes us stronger. he makes me feel important. I want him for myself but I know that wont ever work. we both have this possessive streak towards each other and it can get bad at times , but we learned how to curve it. Leo are honest and keep to their word. but sometimes their BIG PRIDE can out do a Taurus . we had an argument about it and I thought for myself its a lost battle and just need to suck it up and move on eventually he will get around which he always does but in later stages after arguments.

    my pushiness always leads us o having fights but its hard not to get the attention needed. I’ve learned with a Leo male not to push them to hard, thy very funny and play full good in bed!!. what’s not to love about them except for the dominant ,controlling and pride part.

    we were dating for only 7months when he started talking about marriage and how I’m is “wife material” . its nice to know he want to marry me . he is so funny at times saying how he has it all planed out for ”our wedding day”. but just hearing his options is as if we speak one tone. we been looking at some wedding bands. I love the Leo birth stone and want that on my wedding band one day. but all of this talking of getting married gets me too excited but I don’t want of to be , for fear of what can happen and I don’t want of to think all negatives. he made it clear to everyone we getting married next year!!! just its not 100% official. just hope and pray our love grows stronger and we manage to get better understanding of each other’s needs .

  55. miss martimuz said

    Soo after reading all of this I’ll add my two cents. Never did I ever think I’d be enthralled by a Leo guy. My first crush from childhood is a Leo but I always pictured them as too arrogant, lacking in depth and what not. Well fast forward like 10 yrs. I’m 20 hes 23, different Leo btw, anyways he reached out to me on a business motive. We’re both in fashion and music, and initially it was supposed to be a business relationship. I kid you not. 3Days later and the feelings were there. It hasn’t even been a month but hes saying how I’m perfect for him and I’m the one, he brought up marriage and everything. Normally, I would think he’s a player but this is consistent. We talk everyday, he says I’m a blessing and I of course am thrilled to have finally met s guy who is worth all the bs I went through . I have fallen and I’m still falling. He says he likes me way more than I like him, its crazy to hear these words. He’s got a Scorpio moon and a Taurus ascendant
    So I’m thinking that eases the tension that everybody speaks about. This just may end up being the man I marry because I quickly feel us becoming best friends but we were more than that from the start.

  56. tehzu said

    i like a Taurus girl badly, but an old friend had destroyed my image and changed her mind. she thinks i am a bad guy, but in front of all my gathering i am a hero.. i dont want to be a hero in front of any one but her. i do i get her attention. how can i make her feel love for me ? i think she is in love with that guy

  57. tehzu said

    m a leo too!

  58. […] when a taurus woman meets a leo man | look at me – Mar 21, 2007 · December 17, 2008 at 7:30 am. When I Taurus woman meets a Leo man one word RUN!!! Lol I’m just kidding but I’m really not. The sex will be amazing …… […]

  59. […] when a taurus woman meets a leo man | look at me – Mar 21, 2007 · December 17, 2008 at 7:30 am. When I Taurus woman meets a Leo man one word RUN!!! Lol I’m just kidding but I’m really not. The sex will be amazing …… […]

  60. […] when a taurus woman meets a leo man | look at me – Mar 21, 2007 · The Leo man Leo men are larger than life. Even humbler Lions manage this. The Leo man often radiates charisma, and whether you like him or not, you can…… […]

  61. […] when a taurus woman meets a leo man | look at me – Mar 21, 2007 · December 17, 2008 at 7:30 am. When I Taurus woman meets a Leo man one word RUN!!! Lol I’m just kidding but I’m really not. The sex will be amazing …… […]

  62. […] when a taurus woman meets a leo man | look at me – Mar 21, 2007 · The Leo man Leo men are larger than life. Even humbler Lions manage this. The Leo man often radiates charisma, and whether you like him or not, you can…… […]

  63. Hopeless Taurus said

    I meet a Leo 6 months ago and we sorta hit it off. It was obvious he like me then, but I didn’t realize it at the time. Anyway we talked ALL the time and shared interests and stuff, but after a week he slowly stopped talking to me. Every once in a while he would say hi and I would alway reply back right away. Than, again we talked for a while and slowly stopped. Sometime I would be the one to start the convo and sometime it would be him. Well, lately he asked me if I would care if he had a girlfriend. I wanted to say, yes of course, but all that came out of my mouth was, ‘its none of my business’. He seemed to just accept it like ‘oh…ok’. And now hes only messaged me every once a week or when hes drunk. I feel like I ruined things with him, do I tell him I really like him? Have I ruined things? If not how can I attract him? Help me Im hopeless.

  64. Tasmin said

    I’m a Taurus and I met a Leo man a year ago, he is very immature and loves attention. At the time we became friends, he always tried to get attention from me and was in a rocky relationship with his ex, whom he went back and forth with, now he has officially broken up with her and is playing the field but also has a new girlfriend. He has given me the impression he is still into me, he is always around me, in my face. I’ve told him how I feel but not long after it, I told we were best being friends as he was constantly hot and cold, talking about other girls and it was always about him, I always gave and he kept taking, I got fed up of it and that was it. Now I’ve gotten over entertaining him and his games, but I can’t get over him – I’m madly in love with him and I think he knows it. The chemistry between us is in intense but he keeps me in the dark and carries on like he isn’t interested – well maybe I’m just their to keep feeding his ego when he craves for attention? I’ve played my part I’ve done what I needed to do, but why does it feel like he is holding me back and not allowing me to move on?? Please help

  65. Moira Smith said

    I just had to share my experience after all this reading…I am a Taurus woman madly in love with a Leo man. I swore them off many years ago and when I found out my new guy was a Leo I knew I was in for it! lol.. It has been about three months now and its amazing to me to see that my fellow Taurus sisters are having same issues with there Leo’s…the phone/text thing for example!!! I lost my cool a few times with him and lashed out..the horns were out and this bull was charging…he always stayed calm and reached out to me within a day or so and we would always talk it through..thing I learned here girls about the lion king..they can have VERY selfish tendencies and they will get back/reach out to you when THEY are good and ready..can be VERY frustrating but I am trying to be more patient and understanding and so far its having a very positive effect on our relationship!!! Also..as some of you mentioned, they will proclaim there love and feelings towards you very early in the relationship..my guy said he thought we were soulmates after about a month together..at first I thought this was strange, as did my friends, but the more that I have gotten to know him and as I am educating myself on this combo I see that it isn’t so strange after all..it takes a man with a lot of courage to be able to speak from the heart like that, and that is exactly where those words come from..no head games here ladies…I thought my ex who was a Capricorn was the be all end all..WRONG!!!!!! This masculine, sexy Leo man rocks my world like nothing else…ladies, be patient, be your earthy, sensual, charming Taurus self and they will love you deeply for it..oh, lets not forget..let them wear the pants and lots of praise, praise, praise and compliments…a bit tiring at times..but so worth the effort!!! Best to all!

  66. lynn said

    I dated a leo guy 4 years ago. I never had the attention of being serious with him. He isn’t from my country and I knew that one day he will leave after he finishes his studies. our relationship didn’t last that long. we dated for 2 months and things got rough. he never said that he love me. but I felt it somehow. he was confused. he wasn’t sure about me yet. we stopped communicating each other for almost a year after the 2 month period. but God knows it was so difficult of me to ignore him. literally almost everyday I would think about him. about his well being ..if he is dating someone else. I would imagine our moments together.. I even prayed that I would see him somewhere and believe me, I saw him thrice randomly. i was so happy..i just didn’t approach him because i got pregnant with a former bf.. one day, i searched for his name randomly through the net. before i forget, i had to delete my facebook account and email to stop communicating with him because it will hurt my current relationship. anyway, i found his name. my feelings for him never left me. i tried to be happy and contented with my current but there is something with this leo guy that makes me smile whenever i think about him. sometimes i think i might be under a spell. lol. so we started exchanging messages and see each other.. i know it was wrong i should not have done it. anwyay, he had to leave the country because the time has come. he finished his college and went back to his country to pursue his career. we still continue exchanging messages but this time as friends .it’s been 2yrs since he left but it always feel that it just happened yesterday. deep inside me , i still hope that one day if God permits, we will find each other again and rekindle our love without hurting anyone in our lives..to my leo man, i know it is you that i love, but i can’t because it will hurt the people that are close to me. love is not selfish..if i have to sacrifice i will.. if fate allows me to show you how much i love you, i will grab that chance… 🙂

    • lynn said

      just saw his profile today…saw a post from a woman and he replied to it too..he is into this girl.. so I decided to end my agony..am not communicating with toni anymore…he deserves to be happy and I deserve it too.. I guess this is where our story ends..happy for all those Taurus woman who ended happily with their leo man..thanks for this page..this might be the last time will visit this. 🙂

      • Lynn said

        2 months of trying to avoid you toni is extremely difficult for me..but I know I will get through this in God’s perfect time.

    • lynn said

      to my leo man toni.. I wanted to send u a message..i wanted to know how was ur Christmas and new year.. but I opted not to..coz the last time I saw ur facebook , u were happy with someone else..i can’t just show up and say hi or hello..i can’t ruin ur happiness..
      this is the beginning of my 2018..i hope God will grant me my ultimate wish.. to forget u totally ..God knows ive been trying so hard for the last 4 years..i hope 2018 grants me that wish..
      but till now, this heart of mine still loves you.. sad truth.. 😦

      • Lynn said

        they said a good therapy to forget someone is to write somewhere else what you wanted to tell to that person..at least you will be satisfied coz u have allowed urself to express your thoughts by not bothering that someone..so toni, I wanted you to know how much my heart desires to be with you until my last breathe.. until now I haven’t married the father of my kid because I cant fool my own self…ive been trying to coz its the right thing to do.. but damn, whenever i think of my wedding, i see you in it instead of him…it want’s you.. 😦 pathetic , right?
        ur a thousand miles away from me,, ur happy with somewhere else..and with someone else…
        and the last time I asked you if you still love me.. u answered me you DID.. it broke my heart because I lost my chance..u never told me u loved me when we were together..how do you expect me to fight for you if I didn’t hear it from u even once? u just don’t have any idea how much I wanted to be with you forever.. my life today with my boyfriend is just requirement.. I feel like am walking lifeless human being programmed to work what society sees as the right thing to do.. the only thing that makes me human, is when I see my daughter..these sacrifices are for her.. anyway, I just lost you..i’ll just pour over my life to my daughter..
        but if one day you happened to stumble on this page, i hope ud find a way to look for me if ur still into it.. i hope u don’t get too much late for that chance,,
        loving you always,,, Lynn
        this is a message to my only other soul.. Anthony emego uduogo..

    • Lynn said

      i am going to be fine. u will be forgotten soon…

    • Lynn said

      thinking of u again..

  67. Lynn said

    here I am again.. thinking of you.. wanting to see you…so badly.. wanting to be with you .. I found peace when I was with you toni.. I stop worrying about the future when I was with you.. but now that ur gone,, all I can do is to imagine those great feelings…I wanted ur hug badly today.. 😦 but it’s not goin to happen anymore.. iloveyou still toni..

  68. Lynn said

    after trying to ignore u for what 30 or 4 months, I was still defeated by my weakness. I sent u a message. but this time it was clear to me.. am not part of u life anymore toni.. this will be my forever heartbreak. 😥

  69. Lynn said

    i told you i was feeling great. that this is something new. that i don’t feel anything anymore.. but i was wrong..whenever i see things that remind me of u, it’ll just go back to me like it just happened yesterday. i envy you toni ..you just didnt love me at all that u were able to forget me right away..
    i feel incomplete.. something’s missing.. i know it’s you. but ur not coming back anymore. may God help me accept the fact that we are not meant for each other

  70. Lynn said

    okay here I go again. I promised myself I won’t message toni anymore but guess what.. I only lasted for 7 month.haha.. am currently communicating with him and I don’t know for what reason.i still love him.. and it’s crazy.

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